How to Filter Employees in Marketo Reports

You may notice that your own company’s web activity makes up a decent amount of your Web Page Activity Reports.  This adds noise to the information you want to present without adding any value except validating good tracking.

We recommend removing your company’s activity from these reports, and in the process identifying all of your employees within your database.

Here is how you do it:

Employee Smart List

First you’ll create a smart list to collect all of your employees.  This Smart List will later be referenced in your reports.


In the Smart List, drag the “Inferred Company” and “Email address” filter from the right.  The Inferred Company filter will identify anonymous visitors, while the email address will find known visitors.


Enter your company’s name into the Inferred Company filter.  You can add the Company Name filter as well, but employees are more likely to enter their company email address and not enter the right Company Name.


For the Email Address filter, change the operator to “contains” and then enter your company’s name again (assuming you are using the email structure of [email protected]).


This next step is optional but it makes your Smart List more complete. If your office network has a dedicated IP address you can also filter by this address. Select the Anonymous IP filter and enter your IP address.


Lastly, change the Smart List to use ANY filters. This will ensure the Smart List captures all employees.


Your “Employees” Smart List should now look something like this:


Filtering in your Report

The next step is to reference this Smart List in your Web Page Activity Report.

Navigate to your report’s Smart List and drag the Member of Smart List filter from the right.


Change the operator to “not in” and select the “Employees” Smart List you just created.


Your Web Page Activity report will now exclude all data from leads which are employees.