First Principles over Best Practices

Why the future belongs to the naive My first project in marketing was a 60-slide analysis of competing websites. My boss had the intuition that a website should explain benefits and values of solving the problem, rather than a checklist … Read More

Salmon Principle in B2B Marketing

Salmons die after reproducing. Leads survive after creating new demand. Most fish spawn several times over their lifetime. Salmon doesn’t: a salmon’s life cycle ends when its offsprings’ life cycle begins, soon after its migration. Similarly, if you see each … Read More

Can I trust my Marketo email open rates?

Have you ever looked at an email report in Marketo and wondered why you have more clicks than opens? How can someone click a link in one of your emails without actually opening the email? The answer lies in the … Read More

Review of Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics

Many clients ask us whether they should purchase the advanced features of Marketo.  These features, in the right hands, can offer tremendous value to a Marketing department, transforming them from a cost center to a profit center. For most clients? … Read More

How to Filter Employees in Marketo Reports

You may notice that your own company’s web activity makes up a decent amount of your Web Page Activity Reports.  This adds noise to the information you want to present without adding any value except validating good tracking. We recommend … Read More

How to avoid sending too many emails in Marketo

As a marketer, one of your responsibilities is handling email communication with leads.  Even with marketing automation tools, sending the right amount of emails can be difficult, and the complexity increases as you develop multiple lead nurture programs.  There are … Read More

Leads are Bananas (and not all are ripe)

In a B2B environment, leads can be obtained in a number of ways. Whether through a marketing automation software, a database such as, or from references, leads are waiting to be picked by marketing professionals. These leads generally arrive … Read More