My Story

About Steven Moody

Steven Moody is the founder of Beachhead Marketing, Inc.  where he helps B2B software companies like Recommind, Nginx, and Rocket Fuel grow their pipeline through sustainable marketing programs. He’s given talks at a dozen conferences about hacking demand generation and emerging tactics to grow your business. Some of his innovations include the first Oculus VR trade show and a software to leverage customers who change jobs into new revenue.

My Philosophy

In working with dozens of companies over the years, I’ve discovered a few principles of marketing that seem to stay the same, no matter what new channels or technologies emerge.

Marketing and Sales will never align; instead seek Growth

If you’re struggling to align sales and marketing, give up now: they are fundamentally different.

Your sales team succeeds by listening, making the right promises, and working harder.

Your marketing team succeeds by posturing, using marketing speak, and looking a bit like clowns.

When your sales team fails, they fail because they can’t grow exponentially like marketing can.

When your marketing team fails, they fail because they have no skin in the game.

When your sales team succeeds, they buy an M6 convertible.

When your marketing team succeeds, they get budget to produce a new YouTube video.

Working in demand generation, marketing automation, and growth hacking for a decade, I’ve come to realize this function is a hybrid of marketing and sales. This function, what I call the Growth function, has the leverage of marketing and the feedback of Sales. Done right, your Growth team will more than double the impact of marketing and sales.

Marketing is a tax for being unremarkable

Founders know this but few marketers will admit: their work is a tax for being unremarkable.

Your prospects don’t want to buy because you have a promo this quarter: they want to buy because your product can solve their biggest problem.

Your customers don’t refer you to others because you gamify social media: they share because they believe your product is remarkable and will make them look good.

This is why the Growth team needs to be integrated with product: only by understanding what makes the product remarkable, and what problems it truly solves, can your messaging resonate with customers with minimal promotion.

First principles over best practices

When I first started working in marketing, I often heard the phrase “best practice” thrown around by consultants to justify their recommendations.  The trouble is, their “best practice” often was simply me-too marketing, doing the same marketing things because everyone else was doing them.

Then one day I started to wonder: what if I did the opposite of everyone else?  So I started cold emailing over holidays, valuing customers who changed jobs more than customers who kept their jobs, and sending a newsletter out every Sunday morning full of links to my competition.  And it worked: I was able to help clients with big wins in revenue rather than just quick wins in looking better.  Because of this, they could speak the language of Growth, rather than just the language of corporate marketing, and they gained respect from the Sales and Finance teams.

If we work together, I cannot promise the same tactics will work for your business.  I cannot promise your revenue will increase overnight.  But I can promise you this: the strategies we implement will be light years ahead of your competition and not easily reproduced.